Loony Lunar Legend: Super Blood Moon

Blood Moon-9-1

What happened to the raining amphibians? Earth demolishing mega-quakes? Eternal burning fires? We were promised a lovely doomsday, but guess what? I’m still here—typing this damn sentence.

I told you this would happen.

Well…maybe next time, right? Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Nope, nada, zero, no way, I’m telling you the truth—brimstone did not rain from the vengeful sky—but something else was up there: a red faced moon. I managed to observe the full lunar eclipse, which only took me about…four years? I think. The clouds bent me over and screwed me for a very long time, leaving a bitter taste in my mouth. What? Don’t look at me like that.


The above image was taken with a 700mm refractor. The wider perspective shows a dim field of stars igniting against the perpetual dark. A standard full moon is pretty damn bright and it washes-out starlight. A lunar eclipse breaks the rules, allowing moon light and starlight to coexist.

…Are those tears I see?

What? Did the clouds screw you? It’s okay! There, there—take a deep breath—we’ll get through this. Take a gander at my crude animation:



I know, I know! It’s far from the real deal, but it’s something, right? I’m sorry for my sloppy framing. Enjoy.



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I have no idea what I'm doing.

17 thoughts on “Loony Lunar Legend: Super Blood Moon

  1. What?! You didn’t get raining amphibians? You must have opted for the discounted Super Blood Moon package. 😉

    Here I had clouds, and more clouds. I kept going out hoping for a break, but no luck. Your images and animation are very cool, shows me what I missed.

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    1. I contemplated inventing a CEL (Cloud Evaporation Laser) which…evaporates clouds.

      I read that a tornado can drop frogs out of the sky (or fish) but I can’t confirm that fact! Haha.

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  2. In the UK : points mean prizes. You get the prize all right. You are like a British Bulldog in many respects…do not ask me what these are! The answer will elude you.
    Yes, I was waiting and waiting for the end of the world..then the clouds came in and the end had come and I went to bed. Love your moons and video.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. British Bulldog? The wrestler? I need to get some tights, apply some muscle oil, grow a mullet, inject steroids into my ass…then…I will be reminiscent of early 80’s wrestlers! Haha.

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  3. A bloody toast to you for your gorgeous photos which we are so very lucky to enjoy! Your crude animation is COOL.

    How long did it take you to gather up all this fine work? Your neck must hurt as hell afterwards.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was outside more than five hours. Partly my fault — I was more than an hour early — because I’m impatient. Remember?

      My MASSIVE traps makes me immune to neck pain. And caffeine.

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      1. Yes, I remember!

        Diabolical pessimist…..I meant to tell you that your description of yourself seems to fit quite well.

        Will you be posting some poetry somewhere down the road?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I can think of a few more descriptions that describe me quite well! ** Wink Wink** **Nudge Nudge**

        You mean…down the long road? The same one I’m walking on? Haha — maaaaaaaaybe.

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  4. I have been bloody mooned all day long by friends, families and even complete strangers… it is more than a little disturbing. Your is ermmmm inventive… you get points for that.

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