No Money Astronomy: Wonder

Soooo…what have you been doing with your massive monetary savings?…ummm…you don’t mind loaning me a few shekels, right?…What? Oh! I see! I get it…you didn’t think anyone would notice those new Oakleys wrapped around your face? Come on…just a few shekels!…I’ll pay you back!…I promise!

Amateur astronomy is known to bankrupt mere mortals.

We haven’t sacrificed our piggy bank and we somehow gained admission into the greatest show of our lives: the night sky.

Planets, stars, ghastly wisps of gas, the moon, celestial navigation…yeah, yeah—we seen and done it all

Or have we?

There’s another ancient celestial activity, which costs nothing, but your time. There’s a possibility you’re familiar with this activity. Are you a fantasizer? Do you feel like a hopeless individual? If you’re anything like me, I bet you sometimes become sick of the rock underneath your feet. If you’re anything like me, I bet you ponder about otherworldly places…right?

The Descent of Venus

The only thing you have to do is open your eyes.

That’s it.

No goals. No destinations. No rules. Allow your eyes to go where they want. Allow your thoughts to go where they want. Sit where you want. Walk where you want. Allow yourself to wonder in the dark…who knows what will come to mind? Frightful thoughts may try and keep you company—it’s your choice if you want to entertain them. The stars are known to awaken dormant memories.

Who knows? Is there a distant world floating within the inky black? The kind of world unbound by our star’s grasp? Could that world be inhabited by pathetic individuals?…just like you and I. If the night is clear enough—you can stare down the cosmos—and feel something staring back: wonder.

Stellar Loitering
Stellar Loitering

Let the constellations melt away into shapes. Allow the myths and stories to dissolve. Amateur astronomy can get in the way of fantasizing.

Observing and wondering is not the same thing.

Observing requires a coherent focus while wondering requires freedom. A preconceived objective will never offer freedom. Once telescopes are involved—the night sky shrivels—leaving open a tiny window of clarity. You see what the telescope sees. And that’s it.


Yeah, I have a feeling you’re a fantasizer. What do you say? Are you ready to leave this world behind? Your eyeballs are spaceships and they’ll take you anywhere imaginable.

If you allow them to.

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