Poetry Absurdity: Devoid of All Color



Are you getting tired of my poetry antics? Never-mind—don’t answer that question.

There’s a special feeling in my gut and you know what that means! Time for another haiku…or it could be just gas? Hmmm…we’ll soon find out.

I’d like to thank Poet Rummager: you inspired me to explore different creative territories. I never would have considered writing haiku or posting any of my recent “poetry”. So…you all know who to blame! It was Poet Rummager! She told me to do it! Go subscribe and tell her how much of a bad idea it was to suggest such a terrible idea. Yes—I scared a few people away—and that’s okay! That’s what poetry is all about…right?

Thank you Poet Rummager! This haiku is for you.

Published by FlyTrapMan

I have no idea what I'm doing.

6 thoughts on “Poetry Absurdity: Devoid of All Color

    1. I know, right? Robert Frost would be proud of me! Haha — yeah right.

      Don’t up the ante! I won’t be able to compete anymore! My creative engine is already running on all cylinders…I think.

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