Cold Words: Come Play With Me!


You play with fists.

I play with knives.

You play with knives.

I play with guns.

You play with guns.

I play with rockets.

Finger on the trigger. Hand on the grip.

Don’t take one more step—it will be your final trip.

Come play with me!

You punch.

I stab.

You shoot.

I live.

Yes, I’m ready to play!

You talk.

I walk.

You back off.

I push forward.

You apologize.

I don’t.

Haven’t you been payin’ attention?

This is nothing but a game,


I’m here to play!

No regrets.

No rules.

No laws.

I’m a cheater.

Always something up my sleeve.

Wanna see?




You discover,

All I have is my hands,

Wrapped around your neck.

Because this is just a game,

And I’m here to play!

Published by FlyTrapMan

I have no idea what I'm doing.

7 thoughts on “Cold Words: Come Play With Me!

  1. very odd..I replied with some deep and playful words..and they have disappeared in cyberspace. I probably did not press the Post Comment button but just the enter on my puter. At least it showed I was ready and willing to play with you but unable to carry it through.

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  2. I fight with my tongue! Oh, wait; that didn’t quite come out right — I like using my words, but am not very polite and sweet in the choice of words all the time. So, yeah, bring it on!

    Cold Words….hmm, I like it A LOT 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think everyone gets in the mood to fight. Sometimes you have to push back. Talk back. Fight back. Get pay back.

      Cold Words is a series dedicated to psychotic overtones! Haha.

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