Time has forgotten me. Or am I detached?

Seconds. Minutes. Hours. Days. Months. Years—what’s the difference? They are all a blur of memories. No distinction to tell them apart. Seconds drip like a broken faucet while the minutes evaporate, leaving behind hollow hours and forsaking my day. A month is only a picture on the calendar. A year is just a number.

No where to be. No where to go. The seasons tapped me on the shoulder, but I never turned around. The cold breath of winter tried to remind me. Sunshine tried to burn me. Rain tried to drown me. Leaves tried to suffocate me.

Where is everybody? I see faces, but they don’t see me. I’m transparent like a breeze—my reflection—is my only friend. But even that will become clouded by a smear of hazy memories, leaving me to wonder if I ever existed.

Yes, I am detached.


Published by FlyTrapMan

I have no idea what I'm doing.

15 thoughts on “Detached

  1. YES..Ants milk and herd aphids. Your Photo I like lots and the poem just as much, very moving and portrays with words so well the feeling of alienation.
    I did not anticipate the outcome of the Lonely…very good!!!Just shows you: if it is too good to be usually is! ha ha.

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    1. Ants are too clever — if they had thumbs — we would be in some serious shit! Imagine the kind of technology a colony of ants would have.

      The Lonely is certainly a classic Twilight Zone episode!

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  2. I don’t know if you exist. Maybe you’re a robot? Lol. Actually, when I first read this grim, deep, and amazing poem, I thought, “Where’s Fly?” Did I stumble into someone else’s blog or am I in Twilight Zone? It’s a break from what you usually put out, but it’s so goooood! And your photo! Wow, man, I’ve got the goosies!

    HEY, the ants milking the aphids……too cool!

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    1. I wish I was a robot.

      Is that what the ants are doing? I been trying to figure out what the hell they been up to! I thought they were eating the aphids, but upon studying my footage — I discovered that was not the case. Thanks for telling me…why do you know about milking aphids? Haha — I never heard of that.

      The Twilight Zone kicks ass — The Lonely is one of my favorite episodes:

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      1. I did a science report in elementary school where we had to write about how animals and humans are similar. So, I stumbled across ants and how they milked aphids like a farmer milked cows. I remember getting an A+ (but, of course! lol).

        Twilight Zone rocks! My two favorite ones with the best twisted endings:

        I don’t think I’ve seen The Lonely. I’ll check it out.

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      2. What?!?!?! Noooooo…I don’t believe you! No way — I’m going to look this up. Hold on…

        …Damn! Ants truly herd aphids. I wonder if they domesticated them? Haha.

        I’ll definitely check out those episodes!

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      3. “My name is Alica. What’s your name?” Haha — the way she says that line always disturbs me. Greatly.

        Cory’s the man! I wonder how he kept track of time? Asteroids wildly rotate, so the sun would have taken a different path across the sky each day. Making a calendar would be a colossal pain in the ass. Maybe impossible.

        Wait…he probably had a watch set to Earth time…never-mind.

        …but if the watch stopped — he would have been screwed!

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