Poetry Absurdity: You Don’t Know Me

You think I’m this,

But I’m really that.

You think I care,

But I don’t.

You think I’m light,

But I’m dark.

You think I’m hot,

But I’m cold.

You think I’m smart,

But I’m dumb.

You think I’m this,

But I’ll never be that.

You think I’m smiling,

But I’m frowning.

You think I’m sad,

But I’m happy.

You think I give a shit,

But I don’t.

Mark my words—

Listen closely—

Never misunderstand—

You don’t know me.

You think I’m dead,

But I’m alive.

You think I’m breathing,

But I’m drowning.

You think I’m human,

But I’m a monster.

Listen to my words—

Contemplate everything I just said—

Never misapprehend—

You think I’m crying,

But I’m laughing.

Published by FlyTrapMan

I have no idea what I'm doing.

19 thoughts on “Poetry Absurdity: You Don’t Know Me

  1. Just confirms my belief it is almost impossible to ‘know anyone, if you think you do, think again. I love the picture of you , that is not you, but could be you, and looks so touchable and vulnerable.

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  2. When people misunderstood me, it used to bother me. Now, not so much. Direct and no nonsense poetry. I liked it a lot!

    Flies in the Rain video was awesome.! One looked like he was enjoying the rain and bathing in it. Cool drops. Could really groove to the music 😊

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      1. **True Story** In my fantasy stories (17 years ago) — fairy wings were highly coveted: people would stuff a pipe full of fairy wings and smoke it, which gave the user temporary magical powers, but it was unpredictable.

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      2. Actually, **SUPER True Story** I’ve heard of a place that’s unmarked and untraceable in any map where they actually harvest fairy wings. It’s pretty sad how they treat the fairies there 😦


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