Roses Are Red: I Don’t Know How to Rhyme

Guess what? It’s time to exhume the dark tidbits hiding within the shadows of your soul. You know what I’m talking about. The expression is festering inside your gut, but you ignore it.

Not anymore.

Sit back. Relax. Pick up a pen—let’s journey through the landscape of creativity and self expression.

I’m dedicating my first haiku to Poet Rummager—she is an avid artifact hunter, adding a voice to obscure treasures, which she discovered around the world. Or locally. Or where ever. She is also pretty damn good at poetry. Jealous? You should be.

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Poet Rummager suggested I write a haiku, but I never wrote one! (…and I didn’t know what a haiku was…Shhh…) A very old English class assignment once commanded me to write a haiku—I impolitely ignored the request. So…ummm…without further ado—here’s my very first haiku!

Wait! I forgot to mention: I’ll be posting poetry throughout the week. Is there a warm fuzzy feeling inside of your gut? You can thank me later.

Puffy Cloud

Up high in the sky

Withering and contorting

I want it to rain

Published by FlyTrapMan

I have no idea what I'm doing.

14 thoughts on “Roses Are Red: I Don’t Know How to Rhyme

  1. Your haiku and whole post made me smile, I even had to look up what exactly a haiku is, although from the haiku itself that you created I could have deducted the answer to my question. I am in favour of a Haiku…short and sharp and to the point and about nature..that gives you enough scope for a lifetime, my dark friend of the night…go and create some can do it.


    1. You could have figured out the answer? You’re much smarter than I! I had look up the definition of a syllable…and I was still a little confused — haha.

      Haikus are interesting, but I felt like a caged leopard: I prefer to be unbounded and unrestricted — freely roaming the landscape of creativity. That being said…I have a feeling I’ll be writing another! Haha — the experience was certainly worth the effort.

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      1. Feel the words well up inside you and write them down wherever you are or whatever you are doing! At least it works for me that way, but I do not write Haikus , just short sentences, so this advise may be useless for you, in which case …bin it.


      2. I normally just improvise my poetry — I get in and out as quick as possible. I basically just write choppy sentences and leave it as a piece of unrefined creativity.


  2. Wow! That’s actually an excellent haiku, Fly. I wrote a haiku for you, too. It’s not quite as sweet as yours, but I think you’ll like it. Thank you for posting my web links, too. I feel like it’s Christmas 😀 Will be checking in to read your poetry….very excited.


    1. Thanks! I forgot what a syllable was, so I had to look it up. My typical poetry is very chaotic and doesn’t follow any rules — it’s just a splatter of emotions and thoughts.

      You wrote a haiku for me? Oh no…I feel my face turning red! Haha.

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