My Dirty Secret



I have something really nasty to tell you.


Once I shed some light upon my grimy habits—you’ll probably think different of me. Oh yes…you’ll cover your mouth and will want to look away, but you will be frozen within the headlights of my filth.


Hold on.

I shouldn’t tell you this.

Do you want to know what I like to do?

I like to stalk the WordPress reader—a constant flow of ripe posts…how can I help myself? There’s no way I can resist…wanna know what I do?

I like them!

That’s right! I polish the like button, admire the like button, and Ohhhh yes—I click that like button. That’s not all. No, no, no, no, no, no. NO. Who can resist a ripe follow button? I click it and and let the moment savor in the back of mind. Doesn’t matter who you are…what your interest are…what you look like…how strange your hobbies are…if we don’t speak the same language—none of that matters—the button is what matters.

I see you squirming. Are you starting to feel uncomfortable? Are you starting to tingle in places you never knew existed?

I’m not done.

Do you want to know what I really love?

The newcomers and their welcome posts…ha…how can I resist? I love being the first to follow. Do you want to hear a crazy story? One night, I liked and followed three new bloggers. At the same time.


What can I say? If you post it—I’m gonna find it…and LIKE it!


Published by FlyTrapMan

I have no idea what I'm doing.

13 thoughts on “My Dirty Secret

  1. As Leaf Dog rasps his husky rap – “Come take a walk with me” I think, awesome, and thanks FlyTrapMan for the follow. Its people like you that keep the blogging dream alive.


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