Dead Stuff: Specters, Ghosts, and Phantoms



Do ghosts exist?

**….Shhhhdid you hear that?**

We all heard stories, right? I’m sure you know a few. There are dark tales about demonic possession, angelic entities, vengeful phantoms, spectral manifestations, ectoplasmic beingsyou get the idea. The basic premise is pretty much the same: somebody dies, and some how, some way—they managed to pull a fast one—and remain ephemerally relevant.


Before I forget, yes, photographic orbs is complete bullshit. Trust me: if dust particles are spirits, then I’m one of the best Ghostbusters around. In 1861, photographers tried to be sneaky, claiming their fancy double exposures was direct evidence of spectral beings. You can’t see me right now, but I’m literally shaking my head.

Shit, I can’t blame them. Back in the day, I would certainly prank unsuspecting individuals! I would charge grieving loved ones a hefty price, fork over a fancy double exposure, and presto! I’m a few bucks richer.

We don’t know the context of many of these “spectral photographs”. These types of images could of been elaborate projects—an expression of the one orchestrating the image.

Or quite possibly some asshole, taking advantage of grieving individuals. How much would you pay to have a dead relative’s spectral essence photographed? Think about it and give me a call…we can set up an appointment.

In the modern age, no shit Sherlock, people still manipulate images! Everything from swapping the heads of a great white shark and black bear, or digitally inflating the ass of some overpaid cover girl. Why would it be any different a hundred years ago?

** Cue Generic Spooky Image **

Don’t get me started on paranormal researchers. Please don’t.

Helen Keller could see straight through any paranormal researchers’ dubious tactics! Laser beams? Fog machines? Sony video camcorders? Microphones?

Hold on a quick second: What is it with ghosts and basements? Or attics? Or abandoned asylums? Or condemned hospitals? You know, the spooky stuff. How come TGI Fridays isn’t haunted? Why not Toys R Us? Oh, wait…I know why—not dark enough.

How come no one has ever reported strange events at these high traffic places? You’ll never hear: “Yeah, yeah, I was at Billy’s Big Mouth Bar & Grill, when all of a sudden, my pitcher of margarita floated above the table and spilled all over my damn lap! Yeah! Yeah! It’s true! It’s true!”

I’m regretfully aware that “haunted restaurants” exist. Shit, for a few years, I lived near one. Did I ever eat there? Of course not! I’m not ordering hot wings while having some dumb bastard, sneaking around the joint, trying to get me to piss my pants. You know how angry I would have become? I would of probably been arrested. And still be sitting in jail. Until this day.

Photographic evidence of ghosts does not, will not, shall not, ever exist. Period. End of story. No questions asked. Done. Finished. Debate is over.

It doesn’t make any #$%!ing sense! Assuming ghosts do exist (which they don’t) why would they be able to be photographed?!! They’re $#*!ing ghosts!!!!!!!!! In order for an object to be photographed, it needs to reflect or emit a particular radiation. As far as mythology is concerned: ghosts don’t do either of those thingsbecausethey’re ghosts.

You can potentially argue that the energy level of a ghost is below a radio wave, and thus can’t be traditionally detected. If that is the case: ghosts still can’t be traditionally photographed. Congratu-fuckin’-lations!


Think about it: if a ghost reflected or emitted part of the electromagnetic spectrum, then it isn’t technically a ghost anymore—just radiation—in the shape of a bipedal mammal. A distinction that’s subtle, but important.

If a ghost is truly a figment of the electromagnetic spectrum: why hasn’t anyone legitimately imaged one? You mean to tell me, out of all the millions of people, taking vain selfies, not one person accidentally exposed an authentic photobombing specter? Impressive.

As far as I’m concerned…if we can detect dark matter…we could detect ghosts, if, you know, they actually existed. How do you feel about that?

That being said—doe’s that mean I haven’t experienced any spooky shit? Of course not! Believe me, I experienced bizarre events. The events I experienced would brown your underwear faster than the most psychotic roller coaster. Disembodied whispers, animated shadows, nonsensical noises, false awakenings, lucid dreams…nothing too outrageously insane, but enough to leave me slightly mortified. For the rest of my life. Which isn’t too horrible, right?

I don’t know.

Am I saying ghosts don’t exist? No, but don’t get your hopes up. I’m simply saying a ghost can’t be photographed. Every image of a “spook” is most likely:


  1. Misinterpreted

  2. A insect

  3. A lens flare

  4. A Creative Hoax

  5. A Shadow

  6. Pareidolia

  7. Digitally Manipulated

  8. Double exposure


98.99% of all ghost imagery is complete garbage. A male cow will sometimes secrete this brown matter (I’m talking about bullshit) and most spectral photographs suspiciously look just like that. Very few images are respectably manipulated, but nonetheless, they’re fake as fuck, in other words, pretty fake.

**Super Fun Speculation Time** Maybe…jussssst maybe…ghosts exists, but are only able to manifest (visually) through mental hallucinations, because they (specters) reside in the netherworld. Due to quantum entanglement, a deceased individual potentially would be linked to those able to still breathe, and send information, in the form of ghostly imagery.


Oh! And you can’t photograph a hallucination.

So there.


I don’t know about you, but if I were a ghost, do you honestly think I would be in some dank basement…just…hanging out? Of course not! I would too busy harassing paranormal investigators.

If YOU were a ghost, would YOU hang out in a dark basement and wait for a lonesome fat kid to venture down the stairs? Wellmaybe. You might do that a few times, but boredom will sink in real quick. As the saying goes: you have plenty of time to be dead.

What would you do with the rest of your eternity? TGI Fridays doesn’t seem so bad! I recommend the hot wings.

“There are no haunted places, only haunted people.”—Robert A. Baker


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7 thoughts on “Dead Stuff: Specters, Ghosts, and Phantoms

  1. yep, if are going to go to the trouble of committing fraud, wish they would dedicate more time to learning how to photoshop WELL. in some ways, i can respect evil. but evil AND stupid is just plain wrong…

    are there ghosts? would have to define ghost first. certainly many dead people haunt many live memories.


    1. Great point! — a true prankster would be adept at manipulating images / video. Evil and stupidity is just plain…evil, haha.

      “…many dead people haunt many live memories.” That’s an interesting thought! I like it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great post FlyTrapMan! Being a trap man you could use your amazing skills in trapping a ghost or two and show then to the skeptics and unbelievers of this world.
    I like the bit about haunted restaurants and since I’m about to finish a controversial book on food, cooking and restaurants. I may look into it. Also the notion that a ghost wouldn’t want to spend its time in the damp cellar of a derelict castle or sinister looking abandoned house makes a lot of sense.
    Ghosts are very much like the idea of a God, saints or angels, they talk a lot about them but nobody has ever proved anything.
    I think that a lot of these stories come from the middle ages and were the result of eating grains such as rye or wheat that were contaminated by ergot a fungus that when ingested gave mental disturbances and induced hallucinations. Hence many people suffering from Ergotism reported visions of Saints, angels and spirits or even heavenly visions of God. Incidentally LSD is a derivative of Ergot. You can look in the internet about Ergot and what it did. It’s very interesting.


    1. Thanks! I tried trapping a ghost, but I didn’t find anything, because they don’t exist **Ba-dum-ching!** haha — just kidding. Kind of.

      I think I read about the contaminated grains, however — wasn’t the mass hallucinations confined within a fairly small area? I could be mistaken, but it’s certainly an interesting topic, which I’ll look into further. Thanks for the suggestion!


  3. If I was a ghost I don’t think I’d stick around. Real freedom (supposedly)? Bye!
    Spook by Mary Roach talks about life after death; while it doesn’t prove or disprove anything it does explain some of the natural causes behind supposed ghost sightings (such as high frequency sounds). I’d recommend it.


    1. Thanks — I’ll check out the book! I believe she wrote Stiff, but I wasn’t interested in it (at the time).

      If I was a ghost, I would inhabit the body of a paranormal researcher and study myself.

      Liked by 1 person

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