Random Rant: Clouds



Dear clouds,

You were up there. Yeah—that smothering gray face—it was you.

A jagged wind wrapped around my bones and whispered a howling cry. You were up there, yes, a featureless expression, which foretold of inevitable dark days. The Sun disappeared. Warmth vanished…that was you, wasn’t it?

There’s no point in asking. I know the answer. We all know the answer. There was a terrible moan while I looked up. You were there. Black swirls churned into atmospheric tendrils, yes, they constricted, collapsed, coalesced, and contorted until they became one. A formless thing…filled with a clear vitality.

It was you, wasn’t it?

No sense in asking the question. You looked down upon me, yes, I recall your puffy sneer—a fickle expression that only a cloud could express, here one moment, and gone the next.

You were up there, wrapping your airy arms around the world.

Do you remember me? Can you remember my face? Try hard. Real hard…yes! Keep going! That’s it! That’s me! I was the one upon the soggy field, hand cupped over my eyes—staring through your ghastly nature. Remember my frown, an everlasting expression that only a human could express, here one moment, and here the next.

Published by FlyTrapMan

I have no idea what I'm doing.

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