Celestial Toolbox: Orion EZ Finder II


I’m not sure how to start this post. I was going to say Orion’s EZ Finder II is an optical dog turd, but that would be rude…

I can’t come with anything else: optical dog turd.

Where was I? Right. The Orion EZ Finder II is without a doubt, verifiably, positively…ummm…the worst reflex sight. Ever. Period. End of story. I acquired this “finder scope” when I purchased the Orion Observer 70mm refractor.

I own Orion’s EZ Finder Deluxe, which kicks asssoI don’t know. I’m confused. The two reflex sights are completely different, so much, in fact, they shouldn’t be compared. Hey. You know what? Allow me to list the cons:


  1. Cheap plastic

  2. Lightweight

  3. Poor mechanical construction

  4. Obscenely restricted field of view

  5. Dim

  6. Orange Tint

  7. Expensive—$39.99


I’m sure there’s a few positives, but someone else will have to define them.

Adjusting the shape of the reticule is not optional. If you were hoping for at least a few settings, well, your heart is about to be broken—what you see is what you get. Literally.

Maybe it’s the plastic.

Maybe it’s the optics.

Maybe it’s both.

I don’t know, for some reason, my experience with Orion’s EZ Finder II is a 100% negative. I’m probably biased because I’m accustomed to using the EZ Finder Deluxe.


Not everyone is a fan of reflex sights.

The x1 magnification is optimized for wide-angle observation. Reflex sights are convenient. Don’t get me wrong. You can effortlessly aim the telescope at planets, or any other bright object. Reflex sights are not ideal for locating all celestial treasures (like the Blue Snowball Nebula). A standard finder scope performs much better (in my opinion).

If you plan on purchasing Orion’s EZ Finder II, I highly suggest saving your money, and purchase Orion’s EZ Finder Deluxe. Yes—it’s more expensive—but it’s mechanically / optically superior. As it stands: Orion’s EZ Finder II is simply too toyish.


See what I mean?

What the hell is that orange tint? I expect to see something like that on a toy binocular, not a reflect sight, or astronomical finder scope. The EZ Finder II will not stand the test of time. The dials are weak and the overall poor construction leaves much to be desired.

Orion’s 70mm Observer refractor is only capable of equipping the EZ Finder II, and that’s questionably irresponsible. The mounting is specifically engineered to accommodate the EZ Finder II.

I’m not going to lie, the 70mm Observer is a decent telescope! I don’t use it as much as I should. Why? Because of the damn EZ Finder II! Seriously. I want to barf every time I handle the EZ Finder II. I’d rather use nothing.

Time for some nitpicking: the decals plastered on the sides of Orion’s Easy Finder II are despicably insulting. Come on, man. Really? REALLY?



Orion makes plenty of affordable, viable gear—it would be a disservice if I suggested to purchase the EZ Finder II. Again, save your money and buy the EZ Finder Deluxe (if reflex sights are your thing). Sometimes the EZ Finder Deluxe will be on sale. I’ve seen it as low as $40.00, the same exact price as the EZ Finder II. Shop Smart. Shop S-Mart! You got that?

The EZ Finder II is a functional reflex sight. Plenty of people use it and have no issues. I’m not one of those people. Did the EZ Finder II work? Yes. Did I enjoy the experience? Absolutely not.

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