The Element of Expression



What does it take to forge respectable work?

When we admire a masterpiece, we’re blinded by its shine: a timeless novel, an immortal painting, a haunted symphony—these creations resonate forever. It seems to be one of the greatest mysteries how a piece of expression can be forged into gold.



Are creative blacksmiths lucky? Or have they materialized mistakes so many times, they slowly acquired the skill needed to synthesize gold out of bronze?

Creative blacksmiths don’t contemplate each strike of their hammer. No—they swing, and swing, while the element of their expression beat back.

Many types of metal are alloys; a mixture of a few or more components. Creative raw ore is different; it’s possible to shape Imaginatium into any non-tangible element. Turning copper into silver is a fantasy here on Earth. The forge inside us doesn’t care about limitations.

Creative blacksmiths can’t perceive a masterpiece before the hammer is grasped. A creative blacksmith can’t predict the quality their expression—the element either shines, or it doesn’t.

Don’t worry about producing elements that are not golden. Lower quality elements are more valuable than we believe.

There’s a false perception that the longer a creative blacksmith forges an expression, them the element will intrinsically have a higher value. There’s no physical (or imaginary) law that validates this illusory perception.  A creative blacksmith can swing their hammer for months, manipulating Imaginatium, only not to have it solidify into the shape they were dreaming of.

Don’t shame copper, after all, it’s a great electrical/thermal conductor. Without tin; we wouldn’t be able to forge bronze worthy work. These alloys often have stories to tell. If we choose to look back upon our past creations, then areas that need to be polished become obvious.

Any imperfection or mistakes can be beaten, polished, cut, burned—it’s over when you say it’s over. Underneath all the tarnish there could be a shine waiting to blind someone.

Strike your hammer and gold will inevitably come forth from within.

Imaginatium: Not listed on the periodic table of elements; it’s an absolute ore found in the veins of creativity. Highly volatile and unpredictable, this mysterious element exhibits a constant flux due to the thermal conductivity of thought and emotion

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6 thoughts on “The Element of Expression

      1. Well, they do say any sufficiently complex series of mirrors is equal to omniscience, but I’d still much rather just stand in front of it and turn around.

        God damn physics, man.


      2. You would of had to read your work backwards as well!

        However, by turning around, I suppose you would be once again standing behind your work.

        Yes. Damn physics!


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