Skateboarding into My Past


Yes! I exhumed a skateboard from the trunk of my car.  Let this be known: I haven’t stepped on a skateboard in a very long time.

No, before you ask, I came away from this experience unharmed. I didn’t slip and bruise my ass, which I expected to happen at least once. I’ve been spared that torment. It’s winter in New England, so I couldn’t board too long because my grip-tape became muddy and lost its…grip.

I ALMOST landed a kick-flip! But I wasn’t able to get my left foot back on the board, which has always been my problem. I haven’t attempted a kick-flip in years; it would have boggled my mind if I landed one first try. My ollies look strange in photographs because when I pop the board, I do it in three distinct phases: pop board, level board, catch board with back foot. In one few of the images you see me in the middle of the third phase.

Back in the day I use to skateboard all the time. I wasn’t that great, but I burned through my share of Birdhouses. For the uninitiated, Birdhouse is a skateboarding brand started by Tony Hawk. This spring I’m going to try and get back into boarding to see if I still got it.

Let’s hope I don’t snap my legs.

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2 thoughts on “Skateboarding into My Past

    1. I think I had one back in ’89! Those boards featured kick-ass artwork such as hammerhead sharks busting out of water or painted with neon colors that would blind anyone foolish enough to look at it. Gotta love the 80’s!


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