Profound Pondering: Would You Rather be Smart or Lucky?



Hey! Here’s a brain-busting question: Would you rather be smart or lucky?

The answer is obvious—it’s better to be smart. An intellectually gifted individual can make their own luck, right? But that doesn’t make sense if you actually think about what I just said.

Luck isn’t something you simply make, right? No, no, no! Luck is bestowed upon you by the ever prevalent universe. Or some shit like that.

…Or in other words, in any given situation; an outcome turns out in your favor…even if you don’t want it to.

Yes. Someone with a brain in their skull can maximize any situation to their benefit, which may appear to be luck. What about someone is naturally lucky? All they have to do is walk around plant Earth and fortunes attract to them as if it was monetary mating season. Lucky people can tip-toe away from a near death situation. Yup. It’s true.

Now…would a brainiac, if given the opportunity, would they choose to be smart or lucky?

Think about it.

No matter how you slice it—having an inherent luck factor will always manipulate a situation in your favor. Shit. A tornado can be doing the twist, and instead of killing you, well, your neighbors get sucked up into the sky, instead.

The whole neighborhood could be flung to the Moon and all that’s left is your trailer. Why? Because you’re a lucky bastard! That’s why.

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