Light Pollution: Why You Should Hate It


The War Outside

I step outside into the world and a curtain of orange veiling the night sky. The constant assault from a sodium vapor platoon drown the universe, blinding my desire to glimpse past the rusted veil.

It’s a war between mankind’s obsession with eradicating the dark and the faint light of the cosmos which refuses to extinguish.

Not only is light pollution ugly, it also affects our avian friends who rely on the stars to navigate.  Without their stellar guide—it’s possible a confused Canadian goose can crash land into one of your house windows.

You’ll need something more substantial than Windex to clean up that kind of mess.

In case you have a heart of stone and are unable to care for other species of the animal kingdom, I offer a more personal reason why you should hate light pollution.

Remember the dinosaurs? Those ground trembling reptiles with big teeth? Yeah—those things.


A Fiery Fate

A comet can swing around the Sun, smack into Earth, and then happily send us to the Netherworld. Light pollution can obscure that fateful point of light.

We’ll have enough time to kiss our ass goodbye.  Don’t worry too much. Comets are respectful.


Without the veil of light pollution, the light of a comet (or asteroid) has the chance to be spotted months or years ahead of time, granting humanity a chance not to become a fossil.

…And if we can’t do anything about it…at least we’ll have enough time to mourn our inevitable eradication…if you’re into that sort of thing

Why are we obsessed with banishing the dark?  Why do we need sodium vapor sentries littering every street?  What are we afraid of?

What would you rather see when stepping outside? The graceful arm of our Milky Way? Or a war waging between sodium vapor lamps and cosmic light?

WorldatlaslightWorld atlas of light pollution

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4 thoughts on “Light Pollution: Why You Should Hate It

  1. Hi Matt! I enjoy this entry on light pollution! I’m also an amateur astronomer, and our club does lots of public outreach. Light pollution is a big topic with us too! People need to realize we don’t want no lights, but just less lights and lights that are dark sky friendly! All the best! Ro


    1. I think the majority of the population is afraid of the bogeyman. No matter the breed of light, it’s unacceptable to need a gauntlet of photon guards down every street. I’m curious, what’s the public reaction to you’re outreach? Keep up the fight to preserve our night sky!


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